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Welcome to my website my name is Claudia Meresca.

Taking the first step into Counselling and Psychotherapy can be a difficult decision but also a rewarding and life-changing experience. Are you feeling anxious trying to find someone to support you and be by your side when things are getting hard? As we all know, life is certainly a journey that is not always easy to travel on alone.

People usually come to my private practice in Windsor or search for Counselling and Psychotherapy in Berkshire, when they are emotionally distressed and when they no longer know how to make the situation better for themselves, because of the pain and discomfort they feel. I feel privileged when clients choose to share their inner world and their everyday struggles with me, as we embark on their journey into self-discovery.

Psychotherapy is intended to help individuals and couples relieve different forms of emotional pain or confusion. Perhaps you are experiencing overwhelming emotions such as hopelessness, or feeling stuck and unhappy with your life. You may think you are helpless or worthless, or have been suffering feelings of isolation or loneliness over a long period of time. If you would like to know what it might be like to work with me as your counsellor, please don’t hesitate to contact me by phone or email, to arrange a session.

I offer professional, one to one, long term Person Centred Therapy, Emotion Focus Therapy and short term Solution Focus Therapy to adults, teenagers and elderly people from different backgrounds and with a wide range of issues. I always try to adapt my way of working to my clients’ personal needs by taking into consideration their uniqueness and individuality. I strongly believe that working together will bring you greater self-awareness, self-confidence and will help you find better ways to deal with your everyday struggles.

I am a fully qualified Psychologist, Counsellor and Psychotherapist  My Professional Development is on-going through: regular attendance at a variety of workshops, seminars and training courses; attending weekly personal therapy and clinical supervision sessions, in order to make sure that I provide the best service for my clients, and by being up to date with new findings in Psychotherapy and Mental Health. Moreover, in this way I ensure my own Therapeutic growth.

I have been working on a voluntary basis for over 2 years for the Youth Talk Counselling Service in Windsor, Berkshire, and have gained enormous experience through working with clients who have suffered a wide range of difficulties such as: depression; anxiety; loss and bereavement; trauma and post-traumatic stress; ADHD; self-harm; low self-esteem; autism; OCD, bipolar disorder; substance abuse; family and relationship problems; and gender and cultural Identity concerns. I have also learned to work creatively with young people, using Play Therapy, by working for a year as a school counsellor at a local school in Windsor, Berkshire.

Most of my clients describe me as being warm and emphatic and consider that the process of therapy and my non-judgemental attitude has helped them get a deeper understanding of themselves and their experiences. They have developed more self- acceptance and reduced their levels of self-criticism and judgement.

My way of working is non-directive, because I respect and trust my clients autonomy and I strongly believe that the client is the expert of his own experience and knows what’s best for himself. For this reason, you choose what you wish to explore in the counselling room and in which direction the session should go.




  • Master Degree in Person-Centred Psychotherapy – UKCP ( UK Council for Psychotherapy) registered at Metanoia Institute

  • Registered member of UKCP

  • Psychology & Sociology Bachelor Degree – BPS (The British Psychological Society) registered

  • Psychology University -At Spiru Haret


  • Solution Focus Therapy

  • Working with children in schools

  • Trauma and PTSD

  • Working with Suicide

  • Borderline Personality Disorder

  • Co-dependence

  • Counselling for Depression

  • Emotionally Focus Therapy for couples  

  • Family secrets

  • Encounter groups

  • Independent Advocacy Training

  • Rupture and repair

  • Racial and cultural differences 

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