Anxiety Counselling:

Anxiety is the bundle of feelings that come with any fight or flight response, those being fear, excessive worrying, overthinking and generally feeling uneasy like something is off. It is natural to feel anxious when faced with a threat to your well-being but with anxiety disorders you will constantly have this overwhelming sense of worry about seemingly minor or perceived as minor issues. If you are often kept up with a steadily increasing heart rate and find yourself constantly overthinking and losing sleep because of your mind being unable to shut down and racing at night then seek my help with anxiety counselling.

With anxiety you might experience frequent unpredictable panic attacks which shut down your body and may make you faint, this one is particularly serious as it can not only affect your mind but your health also. There is PTSD which although not just an anxiety disorder can keep you up at night making you fear and anxious about the triggering event consistently and even during the day making everyday tasks seemingly impossible while the memories keep flooding back. Phobias are also another common cause of anxiety, this is irrational fear and worry over a specific “thing” whether it be spiders or social anxiety. You may find that you also worry a lot about your well-being and the health of others, seeing anything as potentially being a physical illness and exacerbating the symptoms to be worse than they are.

The hardest part of getting help is naturally seeking out and contacting a person that can help you, this can be even harder with anxiety as it might make you worry about who the person is, is the therapy is going to help, how long is it to take and prevent you from reaching out and contacting a councillor. Another common one would be having to get transport or being able to come to my private practice, but luckily you now can do it from the safety of your home as I offer skype and telephone therapy which means you can be secure and without worry at home or wherever you choose allowing you for maximum comfort.

You have a multitude of options available for contacting me, there are the email and phone number at the top of the page where you can arrange your sessions by speaking to me and getting it underway in no time. You can also use the contact form to either ask me questions about me or the treatment which I will be able to respond to or book your sessions through that. If you have arrived at the page and read this far you have already done a lot to combat your anxiety, why not book a session?

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