Depression Counselling:

We live in a world where it’s almost impossible to stay away from stress. Negative everyday events and experiences, society and the expectations of others can put lots of pressure on us and can create a lot of psychological disturbances to our well-being. Everyone has their own way of coping with their everyday struggles.

There is a large misconception when it comes to depression, it isn’t just the simple feeling of sadness, it hampers your enjoyment of life in many ways and it will make seemingly simple tasks a giant mountain to climb. This can be anything from getting out of bed, eating or even sleeping as it can keep you up throughout the late hours of the night. It is best to seek help with it and that is why I offer depression counselling as part of my services, which will be able to help you deal with the insurmountable weight that you carry on your shoulders everyday.

According to World Mental Health Day (2012): ‘Depression affects more than 350 million people of all ages, in all communities, and is a significant contributor to the global burden of disease.’

We should also take into consideration the fact that there are other illnesses, which might mask depression, like alcoholism or even heart disease, so the number of people who are affected might be even greater.     

    I personally see depression as a pause button, which the body really needs when psychological distress is simply too high. That makes the client become aware that something is not right and they need to explore and understand their experiences and feelings to a deeper level in order to move on with everyday life.

When we first start the sessions I will listen to you and exactly how your distress is making you feel, often I have found that people suffering from depression will feel worthless, stuck or like their life is pointless or maybe extremely low self-esteem which all can prevent you from being able to function.

Many people have different causes that have started making them feel this way and they can vary so heavily that it is often hard to pinpoint, which makes it important to talk to a therapist and get an understanding of what they can do to help and I will definitely be able to fulfil that role for you should you want to book a depression counselling session with me. The sessions I offer will not pressure you to talk in any way and you will be able to speak about your problems and feelings in a safe environment.

Just like with your regular daily activities when you’re suffering from depression I understand that the hardest step to getting help is actually reaching out and booking a session which can be extremely difficult. But believe me when I say it’s worth it, you can also do it from the safety of your home as I offer telephone and Skype sessions which means that you will be able to pick exactly where you want to call from and have it be on your terms entirely.

There are multiple options of contacting me to book a session, you can use the form on my contact page or the e-mail and telephone which are located at the top of any page. If you have made it this far then you should feel proud of yourself and book a therapy session with me today.

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