fees and Packages

Counselling Payment Options:

I accept payments via online bank transfers or Paypal. Once payment is received your appointment will be confirmed. To ensure your counselling appointment I advice forwarding the payment as soon as possible.

Cancellations Policy:

If for any reason you need to cancel or rearrange any sessions I request a minimum of 48 hours notice to allow me to offer the appointment to another client who might need it.  Less than 48 hours notice of any cancellations will result in full session fee being charged. Please remember if for any reason you are unable to do a face to face appointment, I am available for phone and Skype sessions. 


How long is one session?

– A session normally takes 50 minutes.

What happens in THE FIRST therapy session?

– The first session is an opportunity to get to know each other and to create together a therapeutic relationship in which you will feel safe to explore your feelings and thoughts without you fearing judgment.
– It is completely understandable to feel anxious or nervous in the first session we have together.
– During the first session I will listen carefully and try to get an accurate understanding of your struggles and how they impact your everyday life.
– I will be as open and clear as possible in my responses in order to support you emotionally in your exploration.
– if you conclude that you would like to continue and consider that I might be the right therapist for you we can arrange more sessions together.

does therapy actually work?

– Therapy will help you to process your feelings and thought in a non-judgmental environment.
– It will help you get a better understanding of your behaviour and open you to make different choices and changes in your life.

ARE therapy sessions confidential?

– Everything we explore within the session is strictly confidential.
– There are very few limits to confidentiality which will be explored within the first session, for example if I get concerned that you or someone around you is at risk of harm then I will have to look into that, but you will find this out when you contact me.

Do you offer phone or online counselling?

– Yes, I offer Skype, WhatsApp sessions or phone calls. There is proven research which indicates that online therapy is as effective and efficient as face to face sessions.

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